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The Most Ellegant 2D CAD Plant Symbols Online - MORE COMING

25symbolsOne.png  ​ ​​​​

The idea behind these blocks autocad dwg downloads is to demonstrate the colors you would see on your screen.  Each color has its own line weight which means the heavier line weight is meant to be more dominate than the others. When there are heavier line weights within the same block it provides depth to the symbol.  This is key, and not the case with most plant symbols, to enable your plan to demonstrate a more 3D effect.  Showing more depth on these symbols is a way to make them "POP".   It also allows you flexibility when down-playing symbols as with understory plants.  I can let you see them as black and white to demonstrate what the depth can show.  You may think that it is subtle but I assure you that these symbols, when used appropriately, will add more flexibility and quality to your clients.  Most of the symbols you will see here are balanced and symmetrical which will create a plan that reads better to your clients.  A clean balanced plan with symbols that pop and are symmetrical will give your plan depth and read with simplicity.

Go to the contact page if you would like to own these symbols, more to be posted in blocks of 25