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Kent Horner - C&H Gardens - Encinitas CA​  |  Landscape Design

"I found Michael to be easy to work with. I am busy and my time can't be wasted. When I meet with a client that will need a design I get what is needed to start the design process over to Michael and I am done. Michael turns out a blank site plan quickly and gets it to me. Michael has gotten to know my preferences so now all I do is scratch out some ideas and specifics and return it to him and my time spent is minimal. No monitoring, no over-site, no employee. No matter how I decide to deal with costs to the client, its quick, efficient, and I can have something in front of them to discuss while the excitement is still high. Getting back to them quickly, with such little time spent, has been the reason this works so well for me. Now I have what I consider a well oiled machine for that aspect of my business. I can rely on Michael to be professional and honest to work with."



A Professional C​AD Service         For The Building Industry


This is a service that works with Landscape Architects and industry professionals (some listed below) in the southern California area, specifically San Diego. This is not to say we can't work on any project with online communication digitally. This service is meant to be efficient.  Being efficient means your cad work gets drafted up, how you want it, and returned to you as quick as possible.  This reliable CAD service offers hand to cad transfers (your sketches drafted up accurately), 2D Autocad ver. 2006 - 2016, 3D renderings and walkthroughs (resources are growing daily), construction documents, elevations, site documenting and photograph and site measuring then transferring to a cad site plan, pickup and delivery on request, within San Diego County. 


Property Owners  |  Developers

Landscape Architects  |  Architects  

Engineers  |  Contractors




  • Hand to CAD Transfers
  • On-Site Documentation Packages
  • Water Allotment Calculations
  • Conceptual & Master Plans (2D)
  • Construction Documents
  • Detail Sheets & Elevation Views
  • Digital Rendering & Video Presentations   

Other Options and Concepts


green building specifications 

                                  analysis and report
  • water reduction
  • energy efficiency
  • sustainable material selection
  • solar possibilities & options
  • eat healthy grow your own


In the last five years Michael has gained valuable training which has led to additional strength in the service to his clients. This formal training, from rain water harvesting and water conservation to new techniques in energy savings, impacts the thought process when considering green building and sustainability. This training was​more than 160 hours in all and resulted in numerous certificate of completions. ​This training will now be passed along to his associates and clients. Contact Michael to learn how to get training.​



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L1 - Layout Plan Conceptual.jpg


IBoss, Inc.- cyber security

A YouTube video of the project design 

   concept may be viewed as a walk-through                           of 3D digital rendering.​​           ​        (see project video link below)

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3D Project Walkthrough


The goal of this project was to be​ an extension of the inside restaurant.  From the inside an employee or guests should be intrigued to venture outside to have an informal meeting, experience good food, lounge, or simply be relaxed outside. Additionally this space could accommodate a group broken into teams for strategic planning. The space should be friendly and easy to access.  In the planning stage a small work out area was being discussed.  The area was a clean slate with nothing but graded soil to allow surface water to drain.  Once a Conceptual Plan was approved the video above was developed to provide company leaders with a visual of the project.